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Weekender Pass


Unlimited 120 minute rides for 3 consecutive days

Added Fees*:

  • Sales tax is added to all purchases and is calculated on current Milwaukee Sales Tax rate.
  • $1 Unlock Fee for each Ebike checked out.
  • Any bike out over 120 minutes will be charged a 25¢ plus tax / minute overage fee. To avoid the overage fee just find a station and dock your bike before the 2 hour window ends to reset the clock and start another 120 minute ride.

Are you in town visiting you’re going to want a Weekender Pass. For only $25 you can ride up to 120 minutes as many times as you’d like for 3 full days! When you arrive at the Bublr Bikes station, skip the Bublr kiosk, go straight to the bike of your choice and use our app B-cycle App to check out a Bublr Bike.

No Long Term Commitment

You have full access to Bublr Bikes for a full 3 days.

Unlimited 120 minute rides

Ride as many times as you'd like! Remember, rides over 60 minutes are charged a 25¢ + tax per minute overage fee.  Overage fees are charged when your pass expires.

Where to Buy

Purchase the Weekender Pass on the mobile app!  Use the app to unlock bikes at any Bublr Station.

Temporary Hold on Funds

Pass Purchases are subject to a $10 temporary hold.