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Bublr Bikes Sponsorship Opportunities

Strengthen the local community, economy while boosting your brand! Sponsoring Bublr is a powerful statement about your company’s commitment to a better tomorrow for Greater Milwaukee. Plus, your brand will be seen all over Milwaukee, Wauwatosa & West Allis as riders take your brand with them on the ride.

As 501(c)3 non-profit, Bublr’s operations are funded by a variety of sources including government and non-government grants, sponsorships, and individual donations as well as membership and usage fees for annual operations. There are many ways to become a Bublr sponsor, and each way provides unique and valuable benefits to the sponsor.

We are looking for visionary corporate leaders, and marketers, looking to engage, to support our “community center on wheels” serving the Greater Milwaukee area. Help create a healthy and vibrant community while associating your company with an innovative and dynamic public program.

To customize a strategic Sponsorship that meets your marketing needs, or learn about our Community Programs or Hosting a Bublr Station near you, contact

Signage Sponsor Opportunities:

Monthly + Production



 Single Station Signage: $250/Month + $750OR  $2,500
 Single Station Wrap: $1,000/Month + $1,500 $10,000
 Bike Signage on 25 Classic Bublr Bikes: $1,500/Month + $2,000OR $15,000
eBike Signage on 12 Bublr eBikes:
 $1,500/Month + $2,000 $15,000

Digital Sponsor Opportunities:

Monthly + Production



Mobile App:$4,000/MonthOR  $38,000
Social Media:Custom Quote  

  • *Production Fee includes: Printing, installation & design services for 2-dimensional assets.
  • Fully wrapped assets (Station, Bike, Van) will be done in-house by Bublr Lead Creative in conjunction with the Sponsor.
  • Rates include a discount for duration.

Email to discuss customizing a strategic Sponsorship that meets your marketing needs.

Engaging Opportunities:

Free Ride Days:$1,000/weekday OR $2,000/weekend
Group Rides:  See Group Rides page for details
$15 off Pass Promocodes: $50 per 20 codes ($300 value)
TBD $ off Pass Promocodes: Customize a Discount for your staff/ patrons/ guests

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Bublr Bash

Bublr’s Annual Birthday party. Help us celebrate another year of connecting Milwaukee & plan for the year ahead. Click to learn more.

Community Program Sponsorship

Access Pass

Bublr Bikes provides FREE Annual Bublr Bikes Passes to income-qualified people.
Click for more details on the Bublr Bikes Access Pass program.

Adaptive Cycles

In 2019 Bublr, in partnership with the Ability Center and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, launched the Greater Milwaukee Adaptive Cycle Program (GMACP): Upright tricycles and side-by-side tricycles are integrated into the Bublr system to ensure that people with different abilities can also access the Bublr System.

More Info

B3 Workforce Development Program

This partnership, with DreamBikes, the Boys & Girls Club, and MATC, enables students to become certified bikeshare mechanics while developing both technical and soft skills. Graduates of the program can apply to related trades programs at MATC and skip the entry waitlist.

More Info

Free Ride Days

Election Day, Holidays, Special Events & more. Create your own FREE Ride Day!

Savvy Cycling

Bublr partners with the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation to offer classes on how to use the Bublr network, and on how to safely cycle in the city.

More Info

Summerfest Bike Corral:

Bublr Bikes Corral at Discover World during Summerfest
To support the volume of Bublr Bikes used to get to & from "The World's Largest Music Festival"; Bublr staffs the Bublr station at Discovery World (that's a quick 3 minute walk through the park to the North Enterance of the festival grounds) during the full run of Summerfest. Staff are there to ensure there's an empty dock when you arrive and a bike when you leave, answer any questions about the bikes or bikeshare in general. Contact us to learn how your brand can partner with Bublr during one of Milwaukee's most Iconic Festivals.

Host a Station

Installation near your business or organization
3.0 Modular Stations are designed to bolt into concrete. Enabling your business or organization to get Bublr riders delivered to your door quickly.

Standalone 3.0 Docks: $2,500 per Dock (minimum 4-Dock installation)

$500/year Battery & Internet Connectivity Fee (10-Year commitment)

Station Installation Examples:

Equipment & Installation

Connectivity Fee

4 Dock Station$10,000$2,000 Annually (years 2-10)
15 Dock Station$37,500 $7,500 Annually (years 2-10)

To learn how you can support our Community Programs or Host a Bublr Station near you, email

Become a sustaining member by creating a one-time or recurring donation at Network For Good.
Gift a Bublr Pass at