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Bublr eBike Riding Tips & FAQs

How does it work:

Find Bublr ebikes with the BCycle app or on the Bublr website. Ebikes will have a lightning bolt symbol in the app and on the Bublr website. Before you remove the ebike from the dock, use the display on the left handlebar to check the battery level. Each ebike has a power button on the left-hand side of the handlebar. Make sure that you press that power button before taking off. Bublr ebikes have a top assist speed of 15 mph. Ebikes can be used without the electric assist feature. Ebikes have hyper-glide drum brakes which offer more power, more control and more precision. Be sure to use both the front and rear brakes at the same time, and allow enough time to come to a full stop.

Bublr ebike Riding Tips:

  • Adjust your saddle height.
  • Bike Check – The tires aren’t flat, the brakes work, and the chain is in place.
  • Power up Your Bike: Use the button on top of the display to turn assist on and check the battery level.
    • Power assist only works when you pedal. It gives you a boost as you pedal, so you feel like the wind is always at your back.
    • To conserve battery for hills, etc. you can turn the assistance off when you don’t need/want it.
      • If your battery runs out, the bike can still ride like a standard bike.
  • Braking: ebikes can travel faster, and so they have more powerful brakes. Be sure to use both the front & rear brakes at the same time, and allow plenty of time to come to a full stop.
  • Ride Safely. Wear a helmet, and remember to follow the rules of the road.

New Features:

  • Bosch Active Line Motor: eBikes amplify pedaling power and the ability to do and see more.
  • Cellphone shelf integrated into the handlebars with a bungee cord enables riders to use apps to navigate greater Milwaukee.
  • New basket designed to allow for carrying bigger packages.


  • Annual Pass and the Access Pass: No fee to unlock ebikes.
  • Single Trip, 24-Hour Pass, Weekender, 30-Day, and Special Event Pass: $1 per ride unlock fee for ebikes.
  • Legacy “Pay As You Go Pass” there will be a $1 per ride unlock fee and 30-minute trips will be $3 instead of $2.

Bublr ebike FAQs:

Bublr ebikes are Class 1 electric-assist bicycles with a top assist speed of 15 miles per hour. That means the electric assist only kicks in when you are pedaling and the electric assist stops when you reach speeds above 15 miles per hour. To be clear, the bike doesn’t stop at 15 miles per hour, but the electric assist does. You can learn more about electric assist rules and regulations at PeopleforBikes. Bublr’s standard bikes will stay out and are also available. So if you don’t want to ride electric you’ve got choices!

General Rules for Bike Riding:

  • Wear a helmet.
  • Stay aware of other road users.
  • Use hand signals – point to the right when turning right, point to the left when turning left, extend your left arm out and bend your elbow so your fingers are pointed towards the ground.
  • One seat means only one rider.
  • Keep both hands on the handlebars (unless signaling).
  • Obey traffic signs and lights – don’t ride on the sidewalk.
  • Always ride in the same direction as traffic.
  • Be aware of buses.: Never pass on the right and yield to exiting passengers.
  • Use your bell and be seen: Let others know that you’re coming. 
  • Mind the Tracks: Cross tracks at a right angle – making Ts not Vs.

Questions? Text or call us at 414-931-1121.