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Have you checked out our new ebikes yet?

by Kristi Secord | Jun 30, 2022
Talk Around the Bublr - Greater Milwaukee's Nonprofit Bikeshare Monthly Newsletter: June 2022 New Stations, Ebikes, Ride Bublr Bikes to Summerfest,

New Stations!

New stations keep going in! We've got new stations in at 22nd & wells, 37th & Pierce, the E. Juneau Post Office, East Library, Lafayette & Prospect, and Mason & Prospect. The next stations on the docket are King Park, MLK & Clarke, and Tiefenthaler Park. If there's a station popping up in your neighborhood make sure to sign up for a Savvy Cycling Class. You might notice that these stations look a bit different than our other ones. They are self-contained and can fit in places that our larger stations couldn't they are also made right here in Wisconsin by Connected Technology Solutions!
New Station June 2022

Electric Assist Bicycles!!
If you haven't had the chance to yet, check out our new electric assist bicycles. Our eBikes are powered by the Bosch eBike System and provide electric power assistance as you pedal up to 15 miles per hour. Make sure to turn the bike on before you ride (this will also let you check the battery level)! As an estimate, each bar on the battery represents about an hour of riding or 10-15 miles of travel. In the event that the battery does run out on you, the bikes can be ridden as normal without the electric assist.
Ebike Power On

Bike to the Fest

Bublr Bikes staff is back at the Discovery World station to make sure that you'll always have a dock to return your bike to when taking a Bublr to Summerfest. Stop by to return your bike, ask us some questions, or just say hello.
Bublr Bike to Summerfest