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A temporary $10 hold will be placed on your card after any pass purchase. 
Each pass can only be used to check out one bike at a time.

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Just $0.25 per minute. No unlock fee.


Take as many 2-hour trips as you want for the next three days. Individual trips lasting longer than 2 hours will be charged $0.25 per minute.


The 30-Day Pass gives you unlimited 60-minute trips for 30 days. Use code: MLK57 to get the 30-Day pass for Free. $3/30 minutes for trips over 60-minutes. Make sure to hit "apply code."


If you have a Pay As You Go Pass and want to upgrade call 414-931-1121 before sign-up. The Annual Pass gives you unlimited 60-minute trips for 365 days and $3/30 minutes for trips over 60-minutes.


The Buslr is specifically designed to go on the back of the MCTS M-Card. The Buslr Pass gives you unlimited 60 minute trips for 365 days. Trips in excess of 60 minutes will be charged $3/30 minutes.


HACM Residents, Foodshare and WIC recipients, and those on SSI may be eligible for a FREE pass. Visit to learn how to apply.

RFID cards allow you to check out bikes by simply tapping the card where indicated.

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