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Learn about all the ways that Bublr Bikes is involved with the community through outreach programs, workforce development, and accesibility options.  This is wear Bublr Bikes puts their Mission of a sustainable bikeshare system FOR ALL into action!



Bublr’s workforce development program is a career and employment program for young adults aged 14 to 21.  The program, known as B3, is a 6 month development program run in partnership with Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee and DreamBikes.   The program is designed for Milwaukee Area youth to gain valuable work experience and become certified bike mechanics.


During the first phase, the young adults spend eight weeks in the B&GC B!ke Program, based out of the Mary Ryan Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee in Sherman Park. Students learn the basics of bike repair and are introduced to the six-month program. Students receive a bike they rebuilt at the end of the program. If students successfully complete the first eight weeks, they move to the next phase at DreamBikes

PHASE 2 - DreamBikes

During their eight weeks at DreamBikes, they are exposed to a retail environment. Students learn more about how to repair a larger variety of bikes and introduce the students to soft skills via customer interactions. If the students complete the first two phases, they can start the third phase of the program at Bublr.

PHASE 3 - Bublr Bikes

At Bublr the students learn the specifics of working on a bikeshare bike, learn about keeping the system balanced and about customer service. At the end of the third phase the students are given a written exam. Upon completion, they graduate and receive a certificate and are considered for long term employment at Bublr bikes. The certificate is a credential recognized by BCycle the bikeshare supplier for 43 cities across the U.S. including L.A., Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis. So far more than 70 students have graduated from the program. 

Interested in participating in the program?

If you, or someone you know, may be interested in participating in the B3 Workplace Development Program please contact the Boys and Girls Club Program Director Kolin Guillien at

Bublr Bikes Savvy Cycling

Savvy Cycling

Bublr hosts classes with community partners throughout the Bublr network to remove informational barriers to accessing the Bublr System.

At Bublr’s Savvy Cycling Classes you’ll learn how to use the Bublr System and get tips for riding safely in the city. Bublr staff will explain and demonstrate how to check out a bike from the station using the kiosk, a fob, and the app. The classes are expected to last about 90 minutes and are FREE to attend. If you come to the class, you’ll get a free bicycle helmet and a free 30-Day Bublr Pass.

Bublr’s 2024 Savvy-Cycling Class Schedule: TBD

For further information or if you have any questions regarding the program feel free to reach out to


Access Pass

The Access Pass is another way Bublr is working to reduce and eliminate barriers to using the Bublr System. The Access Pass was launched in 2016 through a partrnership between Bublr, the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee (HACM), and the Better Bike Share Partnership.

The Access Pass is free for any residents of HACM and anyone receiving FoodShare, WIC, Medicaid, or SSI benefits. The Access Pass provides unlimited free 60-minute trips for 365 days. Trips lasting longer than 60 minutes are billed at $0.25/minute.

How to Sign Up

To sign up simply COMPLETE THIS FORM. We will review your application and email you a discount code if you are eligible for the pass.

When signing up online you will still need a valid credit or debit card. If you don’t have a credit/debit card, you CAN still sign up by calling Bublr Bikes at 414-931-1121 and we will assist you in signing up for your pass.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!


Adaptive Bike Program

Providing adaptive equipment is an important part of Bublr’s Mission to deliver a sustainable, excellent bike share system for ALL. In 2018 the City of Milwaukee convened a workgroup to determine what type of adaptive bike component would best serve our community. The workgroup held eight meetings and facilitated discussions between, and received input from, many community members and advocacy organizations. The census was that Accessible bikes should be completely integrated into the system. With as few differences from the rest of the bikes as possible. In 2019 Bublr launched its adaptive bike program with support from the City of Milwaukee, the City of Wauwatosa, the Ability Center, and the Anthem Foundation. The program integrates upright tricycles, hand-cycles, and side-by-side tricycles into the Bublr system. In 2022 Bublr received grants from Astor Street Foundation and the Greater Milwaukee Foundation to expand and improve the adaptive fleet.

The Bublr team works to ensure there are always adaptive bikes at Hart Park, Estabrook Park, and South Shore Park. If you are want to know where adaptive bikes currently are, or have one locked down for you, you can call/text Bublr at 414-931-1121.



Nearly 30 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions in the United States are generated by the transportation sector. Any serious plan to address climate change must include solutions to these emissions. A 2019 study from the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy concluded that in evaluating future sustainable transportation scenarios, scenarios that include a robust bicycling component reduce emissions by an additional 11 percent. The study specifically calls out bikeshare as an essential investment if cities are to achieve the levels of cycling necessary to realize the additional 11 percent reduction in carbon emissions. Bublr, as Milwaukee’s nonprofit bikeshare system, has an essential role to play in reducing Milwaukee County’s transportation sector emissions. In addition to the car trips Bublr directly replaces, Bublr also provides connections to public transit, lowers the entry cost to quality bicycles, and acts as a catalyst for other bicycle infrastructure projects.

Bublr trips have reduced CO2 emissions by more than 817 tons since launching in 2014.

Another way that Bublr reduces carbon is via connection to other forms of public transit. For example, a short bikeshare trip could connect a user with MCTS or the Hop such that the full CO2 reduction is much greater than the bikeshare trip alone. Bublr is especially well suited to this task as 80 percent of Bublr stations are co-located with Milwaukee County Transit System stops, 60 percent of Milwaukee’s streetcar stop are co-located with Bublr stations, and there is a Bublr station at Milwaukee’s Intermodal station with connection to regional bus and rail. Bringing e-assist bicycles into the fleet is another way to enhance the additive bikeshare-transit impact. A study by the Micromobility Coalition found that pairing e-bikes with transit gave people access to 35% more jobs without lengthening commute times.

Bublr also provides an extremely low cost of entry to using bicycles as a form of transportation. Although much more affordable than a car, a good bike with necessary accessories will likely cost $800 or more. A good bike would be defined as one that is comfortable to ride on varied urban terrain, is both reliable and durable, and can be ridden in all weather. Bublr bikes meet all these criteria, for much less than $600. Bublr has different membership options designed for affordability and access. Bublr offers an Annual Memberships for $100, with $8 Annual Memberships for UWM students, and Free Access Pass memberships for income qualified riders. This pricing structure removes most of the financial barriers to bicycling.

Finally, Bublr is a catalyst for increased investment in other bicycle infrastructure, which will drive further increases in bicycling for transport. A study done for PeopleforBikes in 2016 showed that 54 percent of adults in the United States see bicycling as a convenient way to get from one place to another, with 51 percent saying they would like to bicycle more. However, in the same study, 53 percent worry about being hit by a car, and 47 percent say they would be more likely to ride a bicycle if bicycle lanes were physically separated from motor vehicles. Many people who are interested but concerned might be unwilling at the moment to buy a bike, but would ride a Bublr in a protected area, for example the trails along much of Milwaukee’s lakefront. Once these folks have more biking experience, they might feel confident enough to ride a bike in other contexts. Alternatively, they might gain the experience to advocate for the infrastructure they need to feel safe.


UW-Milwaukee Student Bublr Pass Benefit

Bublr Bikes offers an $8+tax Annual Pass to all UWM students. Allowing students to quickly and easily get around campus, to off campus dorms and apartments, and to all that the Greater Milwaukee Area has to offer.

To be eligible, you must:

  • be a current UW-Milwaukee Student
  • use your e-mail address when you register

If you are ordering a Bublr Pass for the first time:

  1. Click here to sign up or Download the Mobile App
  2. Complete your “Profile”
  3. Select “Annual Pass” in the pass selection
  4. Enter the code UWM2023 in the “Promotion Code” Box and your email address
  5. Enter your credit card information on the Payment Information page.
  6. On the confirmation page, be sure the amount you will be charged appears as $8 before confirming your order.
If you have an existing Bublr account:
  1. Log in to your account on our website or the BCycle App.
  2. Enter in your Username and Password. If you cannot remember either, call (414) 931-1121 and we’ll lend a hand.
  3. Hit the RENEW on the website or Manage Passes on the app.
  4. Under the access type, choose “Annual Pass”
  5. Enter the code UWM2023 in the “Promotion Code” Box email address
  6. Enter your credit card information on the Payment Information page.
  7. On the confirmation page, be sure the amount you will be charged appears as $8.63 before confirming your order.

The Annual Bublr Pass is good for UNLIMITED 60-minute rides any trips over 60 minutes are 25¢ per minute (+tax) over the first 60 minutes.

Need help signing up or have any questions about this offer or Bublr Bikes? Contact or call (414) 931-1121.

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